famous people by Jules & Hope !

July 7, 2014

  • Carmen Miranda was born in 1909                                   About  Princess Isabel
  • Paola Oliveira was born in 1982
  • Oscar Niemeyer was born in 1907                                Princess Isabel died in  1921, she was probably best  known for officially
  • Fernando  Mierelles was born in  1955                         approving of the  slavery in Brazil .
  • Francisco Costa was born in 1964
  • Princess Isabel was born in 1846
  • Gisele  Bundchen was born in 1980
  • Rubens Barrichello was born in 1972
  •  Pele was born in 1943

famous people

June 23, 2014

pela is a famous football player because he scores lots of goals .He has a famous football team and famous football friends.There are other really famous football players in the world .Also there are other famous people in the hole of Brazil. by Ella and Mia xxx