World Cup 2014

The world cup kicked off with Brazil vs croacia in san paulo on thursday 12th of June.croacia took the lead with Marcelo`s own goal but Brazil`s star man Neymar scored from 32 yards away too make it 1-1 then Fred won a penalty and Neymar took it and scored a penalty too take brazil into the lead.Then Oscar scored a solo goal to seal the win.The match ended 3-1 too Brazil.

4 Responses to “World Cup 2014”

  1.   Andy Chamberlain Says:

    What a fantastic player Neymar is! How many goals will he score in this World Cup? He has scored two so far but I think he could score four or five

  2.   Jamie I Says:

    Nice piece daniel, just don’t forget capital letters for countries and full stops

  3.   Billy Says:

    good piece daniel you need to work on puntuation a little bit 🙂

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