The Amazon Rainforest in the Amazon by Chloe

In Brazil there is a Rainforest called the Amazon Rainforest. Brazil has a river in the Amazon Rainforest. The river is called the Amazon river. Brazil is famous because of the Amazon river. The Amazon Rainforest is getting cut down because trees are a big source of income and so we can have some meet like beef.




the amazon Rainforest is so famous


7 Responses to “The Amazon Rainforest in the Amazon by Chloe”

  1.   worldcup2014 Says:

    What other reasons are there for chopping down the rainforests in Brazil?

  2.   Lewis Waller y6 Says:

    This is an amazing piece of writing Chloe. Honestly, I didn’t know they were cutting the rainforest down.

  3.   Jamie I Says:

    A really good peice Chole

  4.   Finn N Says:

    well done chloe excellent punctuation and grammar I really enjoyed it and I am really interested in this amazon rainforest

  5.   Chloe K Says:

    Very Good x x x

  6.   Sadie Says:

    A very good peice of work there where lost of interesting facts.

  7.   ella mooney Says:

    i love the work

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