Brazillian language portuguese

English – Brazillian

How are you? - Como voce esta?

Hi - Oi

Bye – tchay

Monday - segunda-fiera

Tuesday – terca-fiera

Wednesday – quarta-fiera

Thursday – quinta-feira

Friday – sexta-feira

Saturday – sabado

Sunday – domingo

5 Responses to “Brazillian language portuguese”

  1.   Miss Bennett Says:

    Great! Don’t forget to tag your name so we know who has added this wonderful blog post to help us understand Portuguese!

  2.   Jamie I Says:

    Thank you for teaching me a bit of portuguese

  3.   worldcup2014 Says:

    Hi Miss Bennett i added my name and finished the words and made it look better.Thank you.

  4.   Miss Bennett Says:

    Yeah! It looks great, Harry, very informative! Well done.

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